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The fact that they work with local suppliers in different cities is a plus for us, thank you for all your suggestions!

Hannah Fried

Services from Beijing RAY International Exhibition Co., Ltd.,

  • Stand Design
  • Stand Rental
  • Stand Construction
  • Stand Set Up
  • Designer Stand

Countries where Beijing RAY International Exhibition Co., Ltd., Works

  • Austria
  • China
  • Germany
  • Hong Kong S.A.R., China
  • Switzerland

The Trade fair appearance in China relieved completely in German (or English) from a leading technology companies in the area of trade fair construction, exhibition design and Organize the exhibition hall design, that offers Beijing RAY international Exhibition Co., Ltd., Beijing.

Everything from our customers can expect a hand from the planning to the production through the acquisition of all services.

30 commercial Employees (E.g. carpenters, painters, etc.) are in our own factory in full time since 2003. On more than 4,000 square meters, we have a completely modern equipment machines and tools.  Our paint shop has an area of 500 square meters and is complemented by an advertisement workshop.

Our Corporate philosophy:

  • Promise We keep!
  • We deliver quality!
  • Love to the Detail!
  • We are as always, taking into account the company's philosophy, quality Products and responsible as well as trusted service offer.

    Business data:

    • 2000: Founding: Beijing RAY international exhibition co., Ltd.
    • 2003: Construction of a factory on 4,000 QM
    • 2005: Founding the exhibition Shanghai Rui exhibition co., Ltd.
    • 2011: Partnership with the national development and Reform Commission Committee on Reforming wall material
    • 2012: Partnership with machinery and materials exhibition in Luoyang

    Business areas:

    • Exhibition stand design and stand construction
    • Design of trade fair and exhibition halls, conferences
    • Multimedia equipment
    • other services and their planning
    • Fair service / full service
    • Trade fair organisers
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