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About us

We are experts on Exhibition Stands. We find you the best supplier for the stand you need. And save you time. And money. And bad surprises.

22 people, from 7 countries make our team. They all have a common characteristic: passion for events and for the weel-done work. Our experts on Stands market by market.

  • Cristina  Andrés

    Cristina Andrés

    Spain and Germany (Español, Ingles, Aleman)

    Cristina has more than 5 years of experience in this trade. She is able to find an ideal supplier in any city worldwide in the blink of an eye.

    If you need an Exhibition Stand in Spain or Deustchland, she makes miracles!

  • Anna López

    Anna López

    UK, Asia (Español, Ingles)

    Anna manages our services gracefully in England as such in China, India, Japan ... wherever you need an Exhibition Stand, Anna is able to find the ideal supplier

  • Mon Fernández

    Mon Fernández

    Italy (Español, Italiano)

    Italy is a one of the most active markets in Trade Shows in Europe. We are permanently required for Stands suppliers for trade shows in Milan or Florence, or italians who require a Stand worlwide. In all these cases Mon knows prefectly this market.

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