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C/Loreto, 18-20, Barcelona (España)

With 15 years in South America and 7 in Barcelona, Dinexa is an architecture and design studio that covers all the areas of the area, specially focused in booths design and building and commercial design and architecture.

Our main offices in Barcelona and Buenos Aires allows us to reach the most important markets in the World. The Partnering agreements that Dinexa has all over the World in booths design and building to customers in America or Europethe arrival to remote destinations with the quietness that a close reference gives us, not only in distance terms but also about cultural understanding.

In this way, Dinexa has got to be among the most importan points in Asia: China, Hong Kong, India, Dubai, Singapore, Thailand,... We also have experience in the Eastern Eurpoean countries (Russia, Poland, Czech Republic) and, of course, we work in Spain and Central Europe.

From our Buenos Aires offices, we reach the main Latin American points.

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