Association Forum of Chicago Land

This organization will organize some events from now to ahead. Being more precise, it has organized various events until now. The next will be for December 3th in Riverside Plaza. In this occasion will be about workplace strategy; other upcoming events are Holiday Showcase 2014 CEO Registration in December 15th, 2014; in 2015 there will be CAE Informational Brown Baq Session in January 6th; Informational Baq Session in January 8th; Critical Conversations SIG Meeting; Certification for professionals SIG Meeting in January 27th, Fundraising & Development SIG Meeting in January 28th, Communications SIG Meeting in January 29th, Other events continue in February and March.

The organization offers people more than 100 management courses per year, what can be considered a true success. It is called “the association of associations”; founded in 1996 has achieved through the years 3,800 plus members, having a strong interest of growing a professional practice among groups.

Undoubtedly those events represent a professional platform to boost your connection with professionals, association marketers and more. Others that can take part are Governance, Government Relation, Meeting Professionals, Suppliers Partners, Young Professionals, Finance, Book Publishers, Certification of Professionals, Component Relation, Communications, Information Technology, International Activities, Small Association CEOs, and much more.


• The organization gives also the opportunity of jobs. It is exciting to attend a one which is made to lead you achieve your goals.
• It really works for you because its strategies and advices impress everybody.
• You will become more professional after participating here
• Unimaginable knowledge you can find out after live this experience.