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Legal notice

Identification Details

Neventum SL is an entity whose business address is located in calle Sant Pau 8, Masriudoms – 43892 Tarragona – Spain and its VAT number is B 43965201

Main offices: c. Cros 7, 08014 - Barcelona - Spain T. +34 93 332 67 60
The contact e-mail address is the following:

This entity is inscribed in Trade Registry of Tarragona

Object and field of application

These are the general conditions (from now on “general conditions”) that regulate the access, navigation and use of the web sites under the domains belonging to Neventum SL (from now on “the group's domains”), and also the responsibilities derived from the use of its contents (understanding from now on as “contents” texts, graphics, drawings, designs, codes, software, photographs, music, videos, sounds, databases, images, expressions and informations, including any other creation protected by national laws and international treaties referring to intellectual and industrial property.

It will be understood that the access or simple use of the domains by the User implies his adhesion to the general conditions that Neventum SL has published every time there's an access to its domains. In consequence, the User must read attentively the general conditions.

In this sense, it's understood as User the person that has access, navigation, uses, or participates of the services and activities, free or onerous, developed in the domains.

The present general conditions respond to the aim of regulating the access, navigation and use of the group's domains but independently of these, Neventum SL will be able to establish particular conditions that regulate the use and/or contracting of specific services offered to the Users through the group's domains.

Therefore, through the group's domains, Neventum SL will be able to authorize third entities so they publish or render their services. In these cases, Neventum SL will not be responsible of establishing the general and particular conditions to have in mind when using, rendering or contracting these services by thirds, and therefore, will no be considered responsible for them.

Before using and/or contracting these stated specific services rendered by Neventum SL, the User must read attentively the corresponding particular conditions created for such purpose by Neventum SL. The use and/or contracting of the mentioned specific services implies the acceptance of the particular conditions that regulate them in the version published by Neventum SL in the moment that this use or contracting takes place.
Rights of the intellectual and/or industrial property
Neventum SL as an author of a collective project, is the holder of the rights of exploitation of the intellectual and industrial property of the group's domains, and is also the holder or has the corresponding license referring to the rights of intellectual, industrial and image property in relation to the available contents.
In any case it will be understood that the access and navigation of the User implies a resignation, transmission, license or total or partial cession of the mentioned rights by Neventum SL.
In consequence, it's not allowed to delete, evade or manipulate the notice of the property rights (“copyright”) and any other identification details of the rights of Neventum SL or of its headlines incorporated to the contents, including the technical mechanisms of protection, the digital data or any mechanisms of information and/or identification that could be part of the contents.
In this case, it banned to modify, copy, reuse, exploit, reproduce, communicate publicly, make second or future publications, load files, send by mail, transmit, use, treat, or distribute in any way the totality or part of the contents included in the domains of the group for public or commercial aims, unless you hold the stated and written authorization of Neventum SL or, in the case, of the holder of the corresponding rights.
In particular, Neventum SL is opposed to the fact that the reproduction of its pages could be considered a quote in the specified terms of the 32nd article, 1st paragraph second, of the law of intellectual property.

The access to the group's domains by the Users is free of charge and use, nevertheless, some services and contents offered by Neventum SL or thirds through the group's domains can be found subjected to the previous contracting of the service or product and the payment of a quantity of money in the way that is determined in the corresponding Particular Conditions, in which case they will be put at your disposal in a clear manner.

When its necessary that the User registers or provides personal details to have access to any of the specific services, the collection, treatment, and in the case, the transfer or access to the personal data of the Users, it will be applied what's determined in the Privacy Policy stated in the group's domains.

The contracting of products and services through the group's domains by under age users is prohibited, having to obtain the proper and previous consent of parents, tutors or legal representatives, who will be considered responsible for the acts carried out by the under age users they're in charge of, according to the current legislation.

Use of the page
The contents included in the group's domains are only provided to final consumers or users. Any non authorized commercial use of these or its resale, are prohibited, except if there's a previous written authorization by Neventum SL.

If for the use and/or contracting of a service in the group's domains, the User should proceed to register, he will be responsible of providing truthful and lawful information. If as a consequence of the registration, the User was granted a password, he commits to use it in a diligent way, and to maintain in secret the password that gives access to these services. In consequence, the Users are responsible for the correct custody and confidentiality of any of the identifiers and/or passwords that are provided by Neventum SL, and commits to not transfer the use to thirds, in a temporally or permanent manner, and to not allow the access to unauthorized people. It will be responsibility of the User the illicit use of the services by any non authorized third that uses for this purpose a password, caused by a non diligent use or loss of it by the User.

Licence referring to communications
In the case that the User sends any type of information to the group's domains, he declares, guarantees and accepts that he has the right to do it freely, and that the information doesn't infringe any rights of intellectual property, brand, patent, commercial secret, or any other right of thirds, that the mentioned information isn't confidential and that it isn't harmful for thirds.

The User recognizes the assumption of responsibility, and will leave Neventum SL undamaged for any communication that's provided personally or in its name, reaching the mentioned responsibility without any restriction of the accuracy, legality, originality and entitlement.

The acceptance of the present general conditions implies the exclusive transfer by the user of any right of exploitation of intellectual and industrial property that the user could hold in relation to the communications that he carries out through the group's domains.

Responsibilities and guarantees
Neventum SL doesn't guarantee the legality, reliability, veracity or accuracy of the services or of the information that's provided through the group's domains.

In consequence, Neventum SL doesn't guarantee and isn't responsible for:

the continuity of the contents of the group's domains.
The absence of errors in the mentioned contents or the correction of any defect that could occur.
The absence of virus and/or other harmful components in the group's domains or in the server that supplies it.
The invulnerability of the group's domains and/or impregnability of the security measures that are adopted by these.
The lack of utility or output of the contents of the group's domains.
The damage or detriment that's caused, to himself or a third, any person that infringes the conditions, norms and instructions that the group's domains, establishes in the group's domains or through the violation of the security systems of the group's domains.

Nevertheless, Neventum SL declares that it has adopted all the necessary measures, within its possibilities and the state of technology, to guarantee the functioning of the group's domains and avoid the existence and transmission of virus and other harmful components for the Users.

Links to other Web Sites

In the group's domains the User can find links to other web pages by means of different buttons, links, banners, etc. that are managed by thirds. Neventum SL doesn't have the faculty or the human or technical resources to know, control or approve all the information, contents, products or services provided by other web sites that have links established from the group's domains. In consequence, Neventum SL can't assume any type of responsibility for any aspect related to the web page in which there's a link established from the group's domains, in particular, in an including but not limited sense, in relation to its functioning, access, data, information, archives, quality and reliability of its products and services. Its own links and/or any of its contents, in general.

The establishment of any type of link of the group's domains in another alien web site, doesn't imply that there exists any type of relation, collaboration or dependence between Neventum SL and the responsible of the alien web site.

Links in other web sites with destination to the domains of the group
If any User, entity or web site wishes to establish any type of link destined to the group's domains he must be subjected to the following requirements:

The link can be addressed to the Main Page or any other of the integrated in the group's domains.
The link must be absolute and complete, it should take the User, by means of one click, to the URL address of Fairstv Group or the corresponding urls to the pages you wish to link, and must completely cover the extension of the screen of the group's domains.
In any case, except if Neventum SL provides a written and specified authorization, the web site that establishes the link will be able to reproduce, in any way, the group's domains, include it as part of the web or in one of its “frames” or create a “browser” based on any of the pages of the group's domains.
In the page that establishes the link it won't be possible to declare in any way that the group's domains have authorized the mentioned link, except if Neventum SL has provided a specific and written authorization. If the entity that establishes the link from its page to the group's domains correctly, wants to include in its web page the make, origin, commercial name, heading, logotype, slogan or nay other type of identification element of Neventum SL and/or of the group's domains, it should count previously with the specific and written authorization.
Neventum SL doesn't authorize the establishment of a link to the group's domains from those web pages that contain illicit, illegal, degrading, obscene materials, information or contents, that in general, contravene the moral, the public order or the generally accepted social norms.

Services provided by thirds through the domains of the group
Neventum SL doesn't guarantee the legality, liability and utility of the provided services by thirds through this page or the ones in which Neventum SL only acts as a publicity channel.

Neventum SL will not be responsible for the damages and prejudices of any type of nature caused by the provided services by thirds through this page, and particularly, in an including way, the caused by:

The non-fulfilment of the law, the moral or the public order;
The incorporation of virus or any other information code, archive or program that can harm, interrupt or prevent the normal running of any software, hardware or telecommunications equipment
the infraction of the intellectual and industrial property rights, of the company's secrecy, of the contracting commitments of any kind.
The execution of acts that constitute illicit, disloyal or deceitful publicity and, in general, that constitute a disloyal competition;
The lack of veracity, exactitude, quality, appropriateness and/or update of the transmitted, published, stored, received, obtained, put at disposition or accessible contents;
The infraction of the rights of honour, the personal and familiar privacy and the image of the people or, in general, any type of rights of thirds;
Incompatibilities for any type of purpose or defraud of the generated expectations, or the vices and defects that could generate from the relation with thirds;
The non-fulfilment, delay in the achievement, faulty achievement or termination by any cause of the established obligations by thirds and contracts carried out by thirds.

Duration and modification
Neventum SL can modify the terms and conditions here stipulated, totally or partially, publishing any change in the same way in that these general conditions appear or through any type of communication directed to the Users.

The temporal validity of these general conditions coincide, therefore, with the time of their exhibition, until they're totally or partially modified, moment in which the modified general conditions will be valid.
Independently of what's disposed in the particular conditions, Neventum SL will be able to end, suspend or interrupt, in any moment and without having to notify previously, the access to the contents of the page, without the possibility that the Users request any type of compensation. After the mentioned extinction, the prohibitions of use of the contents exposed previously in the present general conditions, will continue being valid.

The headings of the different clauses are only informative, and won't affect, qualify or extend the interpretation of the general conditions.

In the case of the existence of disagreements between what's established in the general conditions and the particular conditions of each specific service, the particular conditions will prevail.

In the case that any regulation or regulations of these general conditions were considered null or inapplicable, in a total or partial way, by any Court, Tribunal, or competent administrative organ, the mentioned nullity or non application will not effect the other regulations of the general conditions or the particular conditions of the different services of Neventum SL.

The non exercise or execution by Neventum SL of any right or regulation of these general conditions won't constitute a renunciation, except if there's a written recognition and agreement.


The established relations between Neventum SL and the User will be regulated by what's disposed in the valid rules referring to the applicable legislation and the competent jurisdiction. Nevertheless, in the cases in which the normative anticipates the possibility to be submitted to a jurisdiction, Neventum SL and the User, with express resignation to any other jurisdiction that could correspond them, will be submitted to the Judges and Tribunals of the city of Barcelona.

Private policy


Neventum SL as the holder's society of the domains of the group, obtains and conserves the following information referring to our web's visitors.

the name of the domain of the supplier (PSI) and/or IP that gives them access to the net. For example, a user of the XXX supplier will only be identified with the domain and/or IP address. In this way we can produce statistics about the countries and suppliers that visit most frequently visit our page.
The date and time of access to our web, This allows us to find out the hours of most inflow of people, and do the precise adjustments to avoid problems of saturation in our rush hours.
The internet address from which the link that directs our web has parted. Thanks to this information, we can know the effectiveness of the different banners and links that are related to our server, with the aim to boost those that provide better results.
The number of daily visitors of each section. This allows us to know the areas that are more successful and increase and improve its content, with the aim that the users obtain more satisfactory results.

The information obtained is totally anonymous, and in any case it can be associated to one specific and identified user.


The page of our web uses cookies, small data folders that are generated in the user's computer and allows us to obtain the following information:

The date and time of the last time that the user visited our web.
The design of the contents that the user chose in his first visit to our web.
Security elements that intervene in the control of the access to restricted areas.

The user has the option of preventing the generation of cookies, through the selection of the corresponding option in your navigation program. Nevertheless, the company will not be responsible if when switching off of this option the correct running of the page isn't possible.

Details treatment

Neventum SL, society with Spanish nationality, with business address in Tarragona is the holder of the domains of the group.

In agreement with the current regulation in relation to the protection of details and also in reference to the services of the information society and of electronic trade, the user accepts that the personal details provided in the moment of registration, or any other provided to Neventum SL for its access to some of the services of the web site (subscription to forums, chats, competitions... ) are incorporated to folders that this company holds, with the aim to facilitate the provision of the requested services, for the correct identification of the users that request personalized services in the group's domains for carrying out statistic studies of the registered users in the group's domains that allow to design improvements in the offered services, for the management of basic tasks of administration, and also to keep them informed, via e-mail or any other media, of news, products and services related to Neventum SL or with third collaborating companies. In the case of commercial communications through the email or an equivalent mean, the user gives its expressed consent for sending publicity through the mentioned mean.

The user will respond, in any case, to the veracity of the provided details, Neventum SL reserving itself the right to exclude from the registered services all user that has provided false details, without prejudice of the other actions that proceed in Law.

Any registered user can in any moment practice the right to have access, correct and, in the case, cancel its provided personal details, through a written petition directed to Neventum SL (DATA Department), address or mail :